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rural setting - what the cats see

kenilworth Catteries for Banbury catteries Orchard Cattery is set within an old orchard dating back to the early 1900s, when it used to be a market garden.

Although most of the trees have now gone, some of the original fruit trees dating back to those days remain today, offering a haven for the birds and squirrels, all providing entertainment for the cats.

for Banbury catteries On the other side of the main cattery, the outlook is towards the field where we have 2 friendly geese, Matilda and Daisy both having a different personality that keep the cats amused on a daily basis.

main cattery

Orchard Cattery has been sympathetically built to blend in with its rural surrounding, offering a definite rustic charm to its 34 individual chalets.

Orchard Cattery offers the following accommodation :
  • Single chalets (up to two cats)
  • Double chalets (up to four cats)
  • Chalets that are safe and secure
  • All chalets are heated
  • All chalets have indoor sleeping area
  • All chalets have a covered outside run
  • Sneeze barriers between each chalet

cattery Leamington Spa The cattery has a light and airy central corridor providing access to all chalets, 17 on each side.

Each chalet comprises of an indoor area of accommodation for eating and sleeping as well as a covered outdoor run, which is accessed through the chalet window.

All chalets have sneeze barriers to prevent any cross infections.
We have gentle music playing on low in the background which the cats seem to like.

At night we leave a number of low level "night lights" on, so the cats are not completely in the dark.


Boarding Cattery Stratford upon Avon Boarding Cattery Banbury Each spacious chalet has a wooden ladder leading up to a large platform area, where most cats choose to sleep this is also where your cat can loaf around and view the outside through the chalet window.

Through this window they also have free access to an identically covered outside chalet, which leads to a sun platform where they can dream and take in the serenity and views of the private garden and orchard.

Even if it is raining they can still enjoy the fresh air and watch the geese without getting their paws wet!


Kineton cattery All cats have a choice of sleeping area. They can use the upper platform or they can sleep at floor level.

Most cats though prefer to sleep higher up so they can keep a watchful eye on whats going on.

The chalets are warm and dry with heated pads provided as standard (no extra charge) during the winter months and when the climate dictates or when special needs arise.

Although we can provide cat beds and bedding, they are never the same as their own home comforts, so please bring a small bed, special blanket or old jumper which will have a familiar smell on it.cat in igloo bed Igloo beds are ideal, as long as they are in a good, clean and Flea free condition.

The cattery also provides some specially adapted chalets for elderly and disabled cats, which have floor level access portals to the outside areas.

Last thing at night all cats are checked before the main lights are turned out.


cattery in Warwick We want your cats to be as settled as they possibly can which is why all owners are encouraged to bring some of their cat's familiar home comforts with them, such as small toys,a scratch pole, special treats if they have them.

Any of these items will help your cat settle down and enjoy their stay, especially if it's your cat's first time in a cattery.