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frequently asked questions

You may be able to find the answer to your questions below. If not then we are happy to help, just give us a call.

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Hours, Bookings, Rates

Why do you have opening hours?
It is very important for your cat's comfort and sense of security whilst they are resident in our cattery that they are subjected to the minimum of disturbance, and for this reason we follow a strict routine.

The appearance of strangers at unpredictable times of the day is stressful to cats who find comfort in routine and familiarity, so we do our utmost to ensure that disturbance is kept to a minimum, which is vital in ensuring your cats’ wellbeing.

Although our opening times may not always be to our human customer’s total convenience, our feline customers must take priority! ‘Your Cat’s Comfort and Wellbeing is Our Number One Concern at Orchard Cattery!.

Can I pick my cat up on a Sunday ?
We hope you appreciate that looking after customers cats is a 24/7 commitment, so after our opening hours we like to keep the majority of Sundays for our family as we are open to the public virtually all year round.

If you are back off your holiday on a Sunday then we ask you to please collect your cat on a Monday morning. Don't worry it wont cost you anymore if you collect before 9:30am. We can in special cases open the cattery earlier than 9.00am if this helps with work commitments.

What do the Boarding Fees include?
All our boarding fees as indicated on our prices page and includes the following: Food, Boarding,Heating, Litter.

How do you calculate the boarding fees?
To calculate your total boarding fees just simply multiply the appropriate boarding fee by the number of boarding days. For example you bring your 2 cats in on Monday 1st September and collect on Saturday 6th September to calculate the price for 2 cats multiplied by the number of days. i.e. £15 x 6=£90
Boarding fees are charged for the day off arrival and departure.

I made a booking but I have to cancel it.?
Cancellation of the booking within 14 days of the commencement of board will result in the full boarding fees being due for payment. You should therefore advise us asap.

If we are delayed collecting my cat will they be able to stay in the same Chalet?
If you are delayed for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to leave your cat in the same chalet where booking commitments allow. In rare instances during peak periods they may have to be moved to another chalet.

Will my cat go straight onto the pen they will boarding in?
During peak busy periods such as Easter and Christmas or the school holidays during the summer. It may be necessary for your cat to spend a short period of time(usually about an hour) in a "change over" pen before moving into the main cattery. This pen is of the same standard and size as the pen your cat will be in during their stay. This is to ensure their pen in thoroughly clean and ready for their stay.


What vaccinations does my cat need to stay at Orchard Cattery?
For all our cat boarders' protection, we need to see your cat's up-to-date vaccination records and vaccination history. All cats must be immunised against
  • Feline Enteritis
  • Cat Flu
Please ensure the initial course of injections is completed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

The vaccination record must show that subsequent boosters have been administered every 12 months.

Please call us if you are in any doubt about your cat’s vaccination history.

Orchard Cattery reserves the right to refuse entry without proof of vaccination and history.

what is the vaccination procedure?
When your cat goes to the vets for its first vaccinations it will have:
  1. It's first primary vaccinations
  2. 3 weeks later - your cat will go back for its secondary vaccinations
  3. 2 weeks after its secondary vaccinations - your cat is ready to go into a cattery as the immune system is fully protected.
  4. 12 months later - from the date of your last cats vaccination you need to go back to the vets for its annual Booster injection.

what if my cat's vaccination dates have lapsed??
If your cats vaccination dates have lapsed by a few weeks don't worry just go back to the vets for its annual booster.

If its lapsed by a few months you need to consult your vet as your cat will probably need to start all over again as explained in the vaccination procedure above.

My cats never been vaccinated - what do I do?
You must contact a vet and get your cat booked in for its vaccinations. We will not be able to board your cat until it has had its primary and secondary vaccinations which take about 5 weeks to complete.

How old does my kitten have to be to board?
Normally at least 6 months old - Kittens must also be fully vaccinated before entry to this or any other cattery. They are usually at least 13 weeks old before their vaccination course is complete. Young kittens are still in the process of settling into their new home and learning toilet training, so boarding before 6 months can disrupt home routine and training at an important stage. We give special attention to young kittens to make sure they settle in well and feel stimulated and cared for. Please contact the cattery if you are at all concerned.


My cat is quite elderly can you take her?
Yes, All cats eventually get older and we have many cats that have been coming to us for a long time so Orchard Cattery is very capable of looking after your elderly cat.

Do you take disabled cats?
Yes, We have many customers who have disabled cats or cats with special needs. We have adapted chalets to to cater for disabled cats. Please call us if you have any concerns.

Will you be able to administer medication to my cat?
All medical conditions must be explained at time of booking. Please bring medication with you, clearly labelled. Medication should be in veterinary dispensed containers with your cat’s name and dosage on it. There is a £5.00 charge for administering the medication. Please advise the Cattery in advance of arrival that your cat will require medication during its stay.

What if my cat is taken ill while he/she is staying with you?
All cats are checked very regularly, paying attention to appetite, drinking, toilet habits and behaviour, this allows us to spot trends quickly and take action promptly. Therefore it is Very Important You Tell Us About Your Cats Medical History.

We have an isolation unit where we can accommodate any cat who appears to be ill whilst awaiting veterinary advice, We will endeavour to contact your Veterinary practice as they have your cats records.

If however we are unable to get your cat to your practice we have the support of our local veterinary practice who we have a very good working relationship.

Before treatment is decided you and your own vet will be consulted. We will always do our utmost to contact the owner should your cat need to see a vet.

Please ensure you provide the cattery with an up to date Emergency Contact telephone number.


What food do you provide?
We like to feed your cat on a diet, which is the same, or is as close as possible, to the one they are used to having at home. We keep a selection of high quality dried food as well as variety of the main branded wet food, such as Whiskers and Felix in gravy and jelly. Cats are fed on a mixed and balanced diet of both wet and dried product or in accordance with your instructions.If you prefer, you can bring in your own food.

My cat has special food/prescription diet. Can I be sure she will get the food she likes
All special dietary requirements are noted on your cats boarding form. Our staff makes sure these are administered daily, or as specified. Please bring special/prescription diets with you clearly labelling your requirements.

My cat has a special mealtime routine for health reasons, will you be able to do this?
Meal times are twice each day, but if your cat needs small meals often this is also catered for, young kittens and the very old would normally be fed three times, but if your cat needs a special meal routine simply let us know at the time of booking.


I am going away in the winter will my cat be warm enough?
You do not need to worry that your cat will be cold as each chalet at Orchard Cattery has it own heating. We also provide additional heated pads which sit under their bedding that acts like a hot water bottle. The cats love them!

Can I bring my cats own bed?
Yes - Orchard Cattery can provide a basket type bed and bedding, but they are never the same as their own home comforts, it is much more comfortable for your cat to have its own bed or blanket as it will have a familiar smell to it. This will help your cat settle down quickly.

We often find if you have an igloo type bed please feel free to bring it as they tend to feel more secure. During the winter months or inclement weather we provide an additional snug heated pad for extra comfort for all cats at no extra cost.

Can my cat go outside when they want to?
All chalets have a covered outside run area so they are free to come and go as they please. During winter months they may be shut in over night to preserve the heat inside.

Are your cattery units cleaned regularly?
Our units are cleaned, disinfected and sprayed with a feline friendly virucide prior to your cats arrival and then freshened on a daily basis. Litter trays are cleaned as soon as they become soiled.

I don't drive, do you provide a delivery & collection service?
This is something Orchard Cattery can provide. We have carried out this service on a number of occasions in the past 12 months. There will be an additional mileage charge for this service. Should you require this service please enquire at the cattery and we will be able to advise.

What happens if I am not happy about something?
Orchard Cattery wants all of its customers, human and feline to be happy with the cattery and the service it provides. If we have failed somewhere please bring it to our attention and we will endeavour to put it right.